To our Kindred Learning friends:

We have begun the process of closing down Kindred Learning. We have loved raising a family and homeschooling, and we have wanted to share all that we learned in the process. However, LDS homeschooling is a tiny niche market and is not economically self-sustaining. It has proved overwhelming to maintain Kindred Learning as a service while also being employed to earn a living. We should have shut it down a long time ago, but Ken didn’t want to give up.

Unfortunately our lack of accounting and clerical skills has resulted in some people being charged without actually receiving their order. We are working to identify and resolve any outstanding obligations. If you have a problem that has not been taken care of, please contact Ken at 801-494-9053 or at We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and offense we have caused. We wish you many happy days of homeschooling.

Ken and Teri Ebert

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The Four Year Plan provides a structure for teaching "everything" and the opportunity to emphasize different areas each time. It allows you to build an independent family home school curriculum or supplement your children's school experience. The Four Year Plan helps your family to learn together with everyone learning the same topics at different levels. It's not just a way of working smarter, it's a way of working together with common purpose.

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