Better Parenting

Bonus Materials For Better Parenting

Each of the books in The Four Year Plan contains bonus material on topics of special concern to parents. The topics address intellectual, spiritual, and physical concerns related to family, church, and community—the things that matter most.

Going In Circles

Going In Circles (Year 1) offers personal experiences and guidelines for creating a learning cooperative. Years of experience answer why, what, who, when, where, and how to share the burden and the joy of raising children and to strengthen your community circle.

Family Jubilee

Family Jubilee (Year 2) presents detailed research into the options families need to know to make a plan for a high school education that will build a strong foundation and open doors of opportunity. Included is special emphasis and information on LDS education policies and admission requirements to Brigham Young University and other LDS and Utah colleges. This bonus material is also available separately as High School Roads.

No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home (Year 3) presents strategies for teaching reading, spelling, and grammar. Emphasis is placed on simplifying by helping all the children in the family to work on the same phonograms and parts of speech at different levels of difficulty. The phonics material for teaching children to read is also available separately as Family Phonics.

Filling Our Lamps

Filling Our Lamps (Year 4) shares methods and ideas for families to work together in getting organized. Specific suggestions are given for organizing time and space to establish new routines and patterns that are in harmony with a family’s goals and circumstances. Emphasis is placed on drawing on the strength of family synergy to maintain a home, clothing, and nutrition. Special attention is given to nurturing relationships with children at every age. A unique method is shared for strengthening relationships and preventing conflict through the creation of a personal family constitution.