Summaries of Each Year in
The Four Year Plan

Year 1, Going In Circles

Ancient History

This year begins with the Creation and continues through the Reformation to provide an overall picture of ancient history.

English Foundations

This year pairs literature about ancient civilizations with basic writing skills to provide a strong foundation for each child’s education. Key literary periods are integrated with the corresponding ancient history units.


Chemistry labs and instructions are combined to appeal to any age. Basic chemistry topics from simple elements and atoms to more complex formulas and reactions are presented.

Old Testament / Pearl of Great Price

The Old Testament comes alive through studying the history and experiencing the cultures from which it springs.

Year 2, Family Jubilee

Modern World History

Year 2 history begins with the 1700’s and continues through our time with emphasis on the events that affected our ancestors.

Family and Personal History

Do your genealogy through English class! Learn about literature, genealogy skills, and your family tree with each literary period.


Biology labs and instructions begin with the Creation and continue through animals, the human body, and plants.

New Testament

The New Testament tells the story of the Savior, to whom every year should point.

Year 3, No Place Like Home


Geography is the history for Year 3 and moves through the countries on every continent, providing experiences with hands-on projects, maps, songs, and cooking skills.


A newspaper theme teaches important communications skills, including information on radio, television, and computers. Grammar skills are emphasized to strengthen language abilities.

Earth Science

An abundance of labs provide great experiences in three areas of science – astronomy, geology, and weather.

Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon is a missionary book that tells the story of a people’s journey across the world – a great companion to the study of geography.

Year 4, Filling Our Lamps

U.S. History

This year begins with Native American peoples and continues through the great events surrounding the Revolution, the Constitution, and the Civil War. It includes an abundance of hands-on projects to help establish greater emotional ties to our culture and to encourage skills in self-sufficiency. A focus on emergency preparedness includes outlines and suggestions for practical family preparedness.

Analysis and Opinion

The ability to form an opinion and defend it is an essential skill that is emphasized through the year and applied to critical analysis of classic American literature.


Child-friendly labs help moms and children understand the fundamental principles of physics.

Doctrine and Covenants

Study of the Doctrine and Covenants includes study of the history of the Church, which tells an important piece of U.S. history.