Where to Start

Where to Start in The Four Year Plan

Sometimes the hardest part of an endeavor is knowing where to begin!

Begin the 2014-15 school year with Year 4 of The Four Year Plan, using Filling Our Lamps and our other Year 4 products.

Why Would I Start with a Year Besides Year One?

  • Coordinate with Seminary. Although the years of The Four Year Plan can be used in any order, we recommend that families coordinate their scripture study with the seminary study schedule so that the entire family is studying the same topic. Even if your children aren’t in seminary yet, it is difficult to make the switch later without repeating or skipping years in the curriculum cycle.
  • Get SupportWe develop new products and focus our support on the year that coordinates with Seminary.
  • Revisions & UpdatesWe make revisions and updates based on the year most people will be using. Take advantage of the improvements we’ve made!

If you find that you don’t want to coordinate with the seminary schedule, you should choose your own order to cover the different topics or simply start with Year 1 of The Four Year Plan.