Year Four

Year 4 of The Four Year Plan

Year 4 of The Four Year Plan uses Filling Our Lamps as the curriculum guide and covers the following subjects:

  • History: United States History
  • English: Analysis and Opinion
  • Science: Physics
  • Scripture Study: Doctrine and Covenants
Filling Our Lamps, Updated Edition

Filling Our Lamps includes:

Year Four:

-Thematic outlines with suggested texts, projects, and activities for Year Four.

U.S. History

This year begins with native American peoples and continues through the great events surrounding the Revolution, the Constitution, and the Civil War. It includes an abundance of hands-on projects to help establish greater emotional ties to our culture and to encourage skills in self-sufficiency. A focus on emergency preparedness includes suggestions for practical family preparedness.

Analysis and Opinion

The ability to form an opinion and defend it is an essential skill that is emphasized through the year and applied to critical analysis of classic American writing.


Child-friendly labs help moms and children understand the fundamental principles of physics.

Doctrine and Covenants

Study of the Doctrine and Covenants includes study of the history of the Church, which is an important piece of U.S. history.

Filling Our Lamps Also Includes:

-Personal comments on experiences with each thematic outline.

-Controversial material alerts

-Resource Suggestions

-Getting Organized

Managing a Home School House:

The Eberts share their methods and ideas for working together to accomplish great things, including the running of a household.

Time – Learn to think “outside the box” to establish new routines and patterns that are in harmony with your family’s goals and circumstances.

Space – Look at your home and possessions with new eyes, and see ways to organize them to better suit your lifestyle.

Energy – Draw on the strength of family synergy to maintain your home together.

Matter – Keep your family well-fed by establishing a menu pattern that suits the way you live.

-Learn how to create a family constitution to bring greater harmony into your home.

The book contains 269 pages with photographs to illustrate some of our favorite activities. Paperback.

Filling Our Lamps (Amazon)