Family Phonics

Family Phonics

Family Phonics is the Ebert’s own program for teaching children to read and spell. The Eberts recommend learning the sounds first as the most successful approach to learning to read, which is naturally followed by greater success in spelling.

Phonogram sounds are presented in fifteen lessons in the order of frequency of use in English. All the sounds each phonogram makes are included, which reduces exceptions and rules. Three levels of spelling words are provided from the “Most Frequently Used Word List” so that many children in a family can practice the same phonogram sounds in words at varying levels of difficulty.

A beginning child should work through all fifteen units at the Primary level before starting over again at the Junior level, and so on. For three years, a child can practice phonogram sounds with the whole family and then go on to work with almost any advanced vocabulary. For a mother, it means being able to teach a new reader at the same time as reinforcing the same skills in older children. It means being able to use the 75 flash cards for the whole family, with child helping child. We have found family synergy to be one of the most powerful tools we have in teaching children to read.

  • General instructions
  • A phonogram overview chart
  • 15 lessons with phonogram sounds, three levels of words, and recommended rules or suggestions
  • 75 flash cards with a phonogram on each front and all the corresponding sounds on the back.

Family Phonics Flash Cards

The Family Phonics Flash Cards are 75 flash cards that have a phonogram on the front and all the corresponding sounds on the back side. Practice the phonograms to increase reading and spelling ability. Have more than one child at the early reading stage? Extra sets of cards will allow each child to practice individually and at their own pace.