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Family Grammar is a a comprehensive page schedule for covering the Easy Grammar series of grammar workbooks. All of the grade levels are coordinated so that they cover the same topics at the same time, allowing your whole family to work on grammar together! Recommended for children from 3rd through 9th grade. NOTE: Family Grammar is a revised and improved version of the page schedule contained in book 3, No Place Like Home.

Case of the Missing Part of Speech – Director’s Score and Script

Case of the Missing Part of Speech - Director's Score and Script

The Case of the Missing Part of Speech is a mystery with songs and humor designed for performance. We’ve had fun performing this with paper mache puppets. Supporting props are kept to a minimum and the entire cast is on stage during the whole…

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Easy Grammar 3/4

Easy Grammar 3/4 is the first book in the Easy Grammar series. Teri recommends this book and Family Grammar for teaching third and fourth grade grammar.

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