High School Roads

High School Roads
High School Roads has been updated! It contains all the latest information that will help you plan a high school education for your child that will build a strong foundation and open doors of opportunity. Included is special emphasis and information on admission requirements to Brigham Young University and LDS education policies.

All of the information in High School Roads is also found in Family Jubilee.

High School Roads Includes:

– High school planning worksheets

– Description of three different categories of high school education:

  1. The No Accreditation, No Diploma Category
  2. The Accredited High School Level Category
  3. The College Level Category

– Clarification of LDS Church Education Policies

– Our plans for high school

– A high school independent study resources listing

The book has 72 pages with photographs and charts from our own experiences. It is in paperback format with a glossy cover.