Addendum to Family Jubilee

Addendum to Family Jubilee

October 29, 2001

[The following sections have been updated in Family Jubilee to contain the most current information available. The Clarification of LDS Church Educational Policies has been reviewed by the Church Educational System and the Brigham Young University Admission Department.]

These policies, as we understand them from conversations with the Church Educational System and the BYU Admission Department, give your child several options regarding seminary.

If your family does not plan to apply for admission to BYU, Ricks, or other Church educational facilities, seminary credit is not an issue. You may choose from the seminary options available in your area or obtain the seminary student study guides for personal study.

If your family wishes to prepare to apply for admission to BYU, Ricks, or other Church educational facilities, seminary credit is important.

  • You can obtain credit by enrolling in the recommended seminary program in your area.
  • If you wish to obtain credit through a seminary option that is not usually available in your area, such as home study, you must make arrangements with a seminary principal who is amenable to making an exception. If you are able to make these arrangements, be sure that your child’s records will show official seminary credit.
  • You may apply to BYU or Ricks with less than four years of official seminary credit, but understand that you are taking a risk. Your other qualifications must be able to compensate for the lack of credit and corresponding weight that is given for each year of seminary credit.
  • Brigham Young University has indicated that a student may take Institute classes to satisfy the seminary requirement if he is taking college classes on a college campus during his high school years.

In addition to seminary credit, BYU requires ecclesiastical interviews, with a bishop and a stake president. Spirituality is also very important in the competition for the Hinckley Presidential Scholarship. Church participation, home teaching, and spiritual experiences are all topics of discussion in the scholarship interviews.

Clarification of LDS Church Education Policies

CES Homeschool Policy