StarBlast Astro Telescope

StarBlast Astro Telescope

The StarBlast Astro Telescope is the perfect telescope for families.

Optics: It has quality optics featuring a 4.5 in. parabolic reflecting mirror and two eyepieces (17mm and 6mm). The EZ Finder reflex sight helps you aim the telescope and locate objects in the sky.

Ease of use: The StarBlast Astro Telescope comes pre-assembled and is easy to use. Just attach the EZ Finder to the StarBlast’s aluminum tube with two thumbscrews and insert one of the eyepieces. The altazimuth base doesn’t look as fancy as some tripod mounts, but it is actually more stable and easier to use, especially for children. The shorter tube length makes it easier for children to aim the telescope. The smaller size of the telescope makes it easier for mom to store it. It has a built in handle to carry it outdoors.

Value: The size of the mirror determines how much light a telescope can gather. The 4.5 in. parabolic mirror will give you spectacular views of the craters of the Moon, the planets, star clusters, and a lot of other exotic space “stuff.” Some department store telescopes have a large hood on the end of the tube with a small mirror or lens inside. Don’t be fooled by the size of the hood. Some telescopes have fancy motorized star locators or tracking mechanisms. These are difficult to set up and are not very effective. You end up spending money on gadgets (that don’t improve what you see) instead of the optics (that do improve what you see). The combination of high quality optics and ease-of-use make the StarBlast Astro Telescope the best value for families.

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